Makeup tips to maximise that summer glow!

When it comes to wanting to look your most gorgeous in the summer months, it’s always best to keep it simple! One can harness the golden and glowy effects of the sun with a few easy makeup tricks:8

  • Firstly, sun protection is essential! Ladies, we are older for longer then we are young, so if you want to age beautifully, protect your skin with an SPF factor of at least 30. Try an oil-free formula which can be applied about 10 minutes before foundation.
  • Keep foundation as natural as possible by opting for a tinted moisturizer, BB cream or a light- weight foundation such as Mac’s Face and Body.
  • Look radiant by not sweaty, so avoid excess shine by powdering the T-section of your face with a loss or pressed powder.
  • Play-up the effects of being a beach babe by investing in a good bronzer to contour the natural shape of your face. Focus on your cheekbones, temples, forehead and chin. If your neck tends to be lighter then the rest of your body use your bronzer to warm up this area.
  • For a great glow apply a small amount of cream highlighter on the higher portions of your cheekbone and brow bone area. Try Skin Highlights by Ralo.
  • Bold brows are striking and trendy, so visit your local beautician for a hassle free tint that won’t run or smudge from the heat of the sun or a dip in the sea.
  • Shimmery eyes and luscious lips are a sultry summer look. Use a light shadow on your whole lid, and a lip-stain that lasts and lasts.
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Touch-up tips for the ‘big day’!

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When it comes to your wedding makeup, your artist should be using products with the most long-wearing properties, ensuring to use a good waterproof mascara, just in case you happen to shed a few tears at the end of the aisle.

Because emotions are high on the day and you often find your face covered in kisses of all sources after your

ceremony is over, it is essential to make a pit-stop in the ladies’ room before your couple shoot begins. I always advise my brides to allocate the job of “touch-ups” to your most skilful bridesmaid. She should be the one that holds on to your emergency kit for this very purpose.

Here are some basic touch-up tips and suggested purchases to form part of this necessary product pouch:

Powder to Mattify: a good pressed powder is a key ingredient to keep the shine at bay. You can either apply this with a retractable travel-size powder brush or a powder-puff. The t-zone of the face is the biggest ‘shine-culprit’ that you have to watch out for on the day.

Concealer: buy a good concealer that is right for your skin tone to touch-up any problematic areas, as well as under the eyes to curb any emerging darkness.

Smooth-out: sometimes the eyeshadow on the eye-lid can begin to look a little creasy depending on your skin type. The best advice I can give to rectify this is to use your fingertip to smooth the shadow back into place

Gloss: some brides like to buy the same lipstick that their artist is using on them to do a reapplication after the ceremony, however if you are a low-maintenance lip girl- rather opt for a tinted lip gloss that you can pop on,

hassle free, to bring back moisture and some colour back to the lips

Colourfy: If you’re a blush-girl then you may want to add a dash more colour to the apples of your cheeks. As the sun begins to set on the day one can start to look a little washed out, so having your go-to cream or powder blush

present is a good idea

Intensify: Depending on whether or not your wedding dips into an evening affair you may want to pop a black coal eye-liner in for dramatizing measures. Nothing intensifies a look more then applying a little liner on the water-line of the eye.

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How to…

How to achieve a soft smoky-eye:

I always prefer emphasizing eyes over lips when it comes to make-up. The old expression ‘the eyes are a window to the soul’ is very apt – as we naturally express our emotions through our eyes.

When it comes to bridal make-up, one needs to find the balance of a natural and yet striking look. For me the answer to this is to accentuate the eyes, keeping the rest of the look simple, demure and understated.

Step one: Begin by using a highlighter colour (lighter eye shadow) on the inner portion of the eyelid. Extend this colour out to three-quarters of the eyelid.

Step two: Choose a mid-toned colour like a taupe or light bronze and apply to the remaining outer quarter of the eyelid. Blend upwards into the crease.

Step three: Choose a warm brown-toned eye shadow to contour the crease, creating depth to your eye. A good way to explain the brush action involved is to ‘make circles in the corners’ or ‘window washer’ in the crease (i.e. back and forth to continue blending evenly).

Step four: Take a dark eye-pencil like a charcoal, grey or black and outline the eye on the top and bottom of your lid. For the top line, make the line thinner near the inner corner of the eye, thickening the line as you extend out (this creates an almond shape, and helps to elongate and lift the eye). Now take a smaller brush and blend the line, top and bottom, into the eye shadow. This creates the smoky effect as the darker colour blends into the lighter shades.

If you want to intensify this look line the water-line of your eye with a black eye-pencil. This will narrow the eye slightly, but increase the definition.

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Dream a Little

I think to a certain extent every girl envisions her wedding day and plans it to some degree long before she is old enough to say “I do”.   Aspects such as what colour scheme to choose, the kind of flowers to have in the bouquet, who her bridesmaids will be and, of course, what style of dress to go for, will form part of this vision, and may change a dozen or so times until the actual wedding is upon her.

Since I have been focusing on Bridal make-up, I have found myself, even in the absence of a man in my life, wondering what choices I would make.   I guess it doesn’t hurt to start formulating some of my own ideas,  so that when ‘Mr Right’ comes along,  most of the planning will already be done in my head!

I even have to admit that I have started a folder on my PC entitled “Wedding stuff”.   I thought for my first blog post I would share some of the pictures that have inspired me to dream a little…

I love the feel of these photos – the bride in among the blossoms. The cropping of the subject matter has added an element of mystery to the shot, which makes it feel more dreamy and romantic. Photographer  Kate McLuckie, as well as Kealland Photography, are brilliant at capturing these kinds of unique and artistic images.

I think that relevant props can add a lot of fun to the wedding photographs.   I love the latest craze of photo-booth pictures for the guest, with a box of props to inspire quirky moments.

If I was getting married, I think I would do a classic makeup look on myself.   I love the simple and yet striking effect created by the red lipstick and black liquid eyeliner with a flick on the outer corner of  the top lash line. Sometimes less is more!

This is an interesting take on a veil turned into a hair accessory, but it would have to compliment the style of dress.  I love the tradition of something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. One could incorporate old lace from a hand-me-down family wedding gown to create this type of accessory.

Quilted wedding cakes are one of my favourites.  I love the simple turquoise stand that this cake is on and the delicate sweet-pea sugar flowers cascading down the three tiers. My sister has her work cut out for her when my day comes along! Visit to see some of her beautiful cakes.

Home-made fortune cookies with special messages could add a sweet personal touch as part of the wedding favours.  I like how these have been decorated with bright icing and hearts.

These origami animals could be interesting decor items. I recently did makeup for a bride who was one creative lady! She made many of her own decorations, including beautiful origami flowers for the tables. I believe she is starting her own business specializing in origami decorations for weddings. I will add her details to my site when she is up and running.

Badges with printed text regarding matters of the heart might be a nice wedding favour.   The guests could wear them during the reception.   One could even print special badges for members of the wedding party.

And last but not least- the dress! I don’t know how you brides do it – settle on one design, that is!   I have so many pictures of the potential dress.  As a final image, I’d like to share this one with you. The parts of this dress that I find particularly beautiful are the delicate cap sleeves, the soft weightless fabric and the strings of different-sized pearls that compliment the open neck-line.

I hope these images have inspired you to dream or have added to the dreams you may already have…








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