Key Points…

After a confirmation of the trial date, the bride and I meet, and firstly discuss her tastes in make-up and hairstyling. I ask numerous questions about the style of her dress and the accessories she will be wearing, as her make-up must complement the rest of her choices. We look at reference pictures as inspiration and discuss what style of make-up and hair she would like to have.

Once I have a basic understanding of her preferences, we begin with the make-up application. I use a range of professional makeup products to achieve the best results.

During the trial I show her what the effects of the different make-up stages are as I go, so adjustments can be made to her liking. We also discuss the use of individual false eyelashes, and the options of the lipstick colour she would like to wear. I advise my brides to purchase their own lipstick for touch-ups on the day. If she would like me to assist her with the purchase, or to do it on her behalf I am happy to do so. I like my brides to feel that I am both professional and personal in my contribution to their special day.

Once the bride is happy with both her make-up and hairstyle, I take some pictures of her from different angles. This gives her an idea of how the make-up and hair looks in a photograph (an important aspect of any wedding are the memories that are captured), so she is happy with the way she appears on camera.

My service to a bride is thus both professional and personal, ensuring that she feels confident and looks incredible on her wedding day.