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How to achieve a soft smoky-eye:

I always prefer emphasizing eyes over lips when it comes to make-up. The old expression ‘the eyes are a window to the soul’ is very apt – as we naturally express our emotions through our eyes.

When it comes to bridal make-up, one needs to find the balance of a natural and yet striking look. For me the answer to this is to accentuate the eyes, keeping the rest of the look simple, demure and understated.

Step one: Begin by using a highlighter colour (lighter eye shadow) on the inner portion of the eyelid. Extend this colour out to three-quarters of the eyelid.

Step two: Choose a mid-toned colour like a taupe or light bronze and apply to the remaining outer quarter of the eyelid. Blend upwards into the crease.

Step three: Choose a warm brown-toned eye shadow to contour the crease, creating depth to your eye. A good way to explain the brush action involved is to ‘make circles in the corners’ or ‘window washer’ in the crease (i.e. back and forth to continue blending evenly).

Step four: Take a dark eye-pencil like a charcoal, grey or black and outline the eye on the top and bottom of your lid. For the top line, make the line thinner near the inner corner of the eye, thickening the line as you extend out (this creates an almond shape, and helps to elongate and lift the eye). Now take a smaller brush and blend the line, top and bottom, into the eye shadow. This creates the smoky effect as the darker colour blends into the lighter shades.

If you want to intensify this look line the water-line of your eye with a black eye-pencil. This will narrow the eye slightly, but increase the definition.

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